General Dentistry

Healthy Dental provides Best General Dentistry services in District Heights MD, Hyattsville MD, Landover MD and Windsor Mill MD.

Some of the common services offered under general dentistry at Healthy dental are:

1) Dentures
2) Extractions
3) Fillings
4) Invisalign
5) Root Canals
6) Night Guards
7) Dental cleaning
8) Preventive Dentistry
9) Pediatric Dentistry
10) Emergency Dentistry
Importance of Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is not only important to keep teeth and gum healthy and beautiful but also affects our overall health. Apart from some common problems like cavities and tooth decay bad oral health can cause even heart problems. While dental hygiene is an integral part of our wellbeing and needs to be inculcate early on in childhood itself regular dentist visit is another critical part which most of us tend to ignore.

How oral hygiene helps?
  • It helps in preventing cavities which often ends up in root canal treatment or missing tooth
  • Helps fighting bad breath
  • Helps fighting periodontal diseases
  • Helps in detecting or fighting oral cancer
  • Gives you a beautiful teeth and beautiful smile
How regular dentist visits help?

a) Helps in detection of any gum or teeth problem
b) Sometimes some oral problem or soreness in gum might indicate to some other serious diseases like leukemia, heart condition, diabetes etc. A regular visit to dentist might help in early diagnosis of such diseases.

Dental hygiene routine must include:

1) Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste
2) Flossing to remove plaques from places where brush cannot reach
3) Avoiding tobacco and alcohol
4) Including food rich in vitamin A and C to prevent gum diseases and provide necessary nutrients
5) Visiting your dentist regularly

If you have any query related to your oral health call healthy dental location closer to you and schedule an appointment.

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